Archiv für den Monat Januar 2012

28c3 was my first Chaos Communication Congress, and it was an awesome experience. I loved the atmosphere, dominated by what might be called the hacker way of life. Stuff didn’t start before 11 AM, and few people went to sleep before 4 AM. There was plenty of Mate for everyone, and I slept in a frickin‘ ball pit! I also got to know a bunch of cool people, took my first steps in the sport of lockpicking and made an acquaintance that may prove very fruitful for my university studies. Also, I got to play in both the Pentanews Game Show and Hacker Jeopardy, and I gave a Lightning Talk!

I called the Lightning Talk Life Hacking: Personal Finance Logging for Fun and Profit, and in it I talked about how I have been keeping track of all my private incomes and spendings for five years. Boring as it may sound, this actually produces a lot of useful data over the course of time, and being a physicist, I love to play around with data and statistics. The amazing video crew of 28c3 has uploaded separate videos of all the Lightning Talks to Youtube, and here’s mine (I also have the slides right here):

As for KMyMoney, the software I used: You can visit their project site to download it, but you will probably also find it in most distributions‘ repositories. As @Scheneiderlein42 has reported on Twitter, it will also run on Mac OS X using Macports. As for Windows, there is no sure way, but there seem to be several possible avenues: a) Downright installing KDE on Windows: see this guide, b) using a lightweight Linux for use with Windows running as described here, and then there’s an Australian guy pledging to build a Windows port, and you can sign up for notifivations on his progress here.

If you’ve done interesting stuff with KMyMoney, or your favorite personal finance software, or if you know a way to use them on other platforms than described, or how to use them efficiently and with even more fun, post a comment!