Introductory lecture on Python’s struct module

In my university’s research group, there’s a traditional weekly seminar known as „Kaffee und Technik“, where people will show each other tricks and methods they learned in the course of their research. Recently having taught myself a working knowledge of simple binary data storage and readout with Python, I compiled a little lecture on the subject.

Hoping that someone out there might also find this useful, I’m posting my slides here:

In case you’re wondering: The editor I am using is wxHexEditor. I found it to be a very good hex editor, with many more capabilities than most others out there. It is actively being developed and works equally well on Windows and Linux. It even compiled without any dependency hassle on an oldish system of mine.

So, if you’re looking for a good hex editor, try wxHexEditor. The project’s homepage is somewhat of a hassle to navigate around, but it’s definitely worth it.

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